Announcing SunBear Inspirations Inc. Executive Coaching, Project Management & Facilitation Programs available

SunBear Inspirations Inc.

Executive Coaching, Specialized in Personal Development & Motivation

That drives behaviors that are results orientated 

Sun Bear Inspirations has unique and effective methods in coaching senior executives, middle managers and front line employees to increase profits & quality controls with committed teams

Our founder Sheri Kennington has worked with TD Bank Financial Group since 1994, in various roles and within various subsidiaries of TDBFG. Having a wide variety of subsidiaries, within this one incorporation has allowed her the opportunity to work within multiple organizations, cultures and departments. Retail Distribution, known as TD Canada Trust, Corporate TD Bank Financial Group, within Corporate Compliance and Government Relations.

Originally being a Canada Trust Manager of Customer Service, Sheri also has significant experience in change management, people management, and facilitation, as she became a Regional Trainer through the amalgamation of TDBFG and Canada Trust in 2000. Then in 2001, she became the Coordinator of Consumer Regulation to establish and implement a compliance framework throughout TDBFG preparing for the implementation of the consumer-related legislation and regulations that were established when Bill C-8 was passed, creating the new government regulator, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

With her key accountabilities being to develop training and to coach, developmental strategies & tactics, relationship management, people development and consulting, internally with frontline employees, retail management, senior executives, board of directors  and externally at the Canadian Bankers Association and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

These experiences, has taught her the key’s to operating in an integrated way to create a consistent customer experience throughout your establishment. To teach teamwork and team spirit maximizing individual skills of every employee, creating an environment where employees and your business reach their full potential, increasing your profits.

Effective leaders are essential for organizations to excel in today’s competitive marketplace. Your managers are top performers in technical aspects of their roles, but often lack business and people management skills to successfully, and effectively, lead individuals and teams. Coaching can identify skill deficiencies and then provide the support and guidance necessary to enable individuals and teams to maximize their contribution to your company’s performance.

A personal message from Sheri: My coaching style and practice serves all people, the shy, gifted, insecure, talented, enthusiastic, or who dread coming to work or school. We are all unique in our own way and I have a program that can maximize their personal qualities to minimize your expenditures and maximize your profits.          

Sheri Kennington, Founder & CEO   

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